There are many ways to prune a tree to make it smaller and improve its shape and make it safe.  It's also not unusual for hedgerows and conifers to become oversize and unmanageable taking over the space they grow in.

We provide pruning services for all of these removing the waste when we have finished.

For trees, we can perfom Crown Thinning, Crown Reduction and Crown Lifting, or as a last resort, 'Pollarding' where the tree canopy is removed leaving only the tree stem,  While pollarding is not suitable for all tree species, it is a pruning technique that is usually done to large growing, deciduous trees that sprout readily after pruning.  The technique is commonly applied for the purpose of maintaining street trees in confined spaces. Rather than allowing a tree to grow to full size, which could cause interference with overhead cable utilities and structures, pollarding can keep a tree healthy at a much smaller and manageable size.

For hedgerows and conifers, we can prune these down maintaining the natural beauty and purpose making them more manageable again.

We can advise the best plan of action for any problematic tree's, hedges and conifers on your property.

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